Understanding Innovation: Process, Project and Product-Centric Views

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The "Understanding Innovation: Process, Project and Product-Centric Views" paper delves into the vital research of scientific approaches for a theoretical exploration of core terminology in the innovation domain. Through an extensive review and systematization of relevant literature, the study addresses the prevailing inconsistencies and disagreements in the foundational concepts of innovation.
The research methodically dissects and evaluates various scientific viewpoints on the innovation process and its outcomes, leading to the realization that there’s a significant disparity in basic concepts within the innovation field. This disparity calls for a rigorous glossological analysis to clarify and define key concepts accurately. The paper thoroughly investigates different approaches to understanding the term ‘innovation,’ revealing a lack of congruence and comparability among terms due to their diverse origins.
For the first time, the paper methodically and historically dissects not only the concepts themselves but also their key characteristics. It evaluates the theoretical underpinnings of each definition, distinguishing between general, specific, and narrow interpretations. Additionally, the paper offers a comprehensive analysis of major studies concerning the evaluation of innovation, providing insight into the complexities and nuances of this field.
In distinguishing between innovative and ordinary projects, the paper clarifies the unique characteristics and methodologies that define an innovative project. It emphasizes the importance of understanding the broad scope of tasks and outputs associated with innovation, distinguishing it from conventional project models.
This study aims to illuminate and redefine the concept of innovation, contributing significantly to the understanding and definition of the innovation process, product, and project. These elements are recognized as foundational in the realm of innovation activity. Building upon this analysis, the paper proposes alternative and more practical definitions of these terms, offering valuable insights from both scientific and practical perspectives.
Publisher: Electronic Professional Scientific Publication "Effective Economy", (12), pp. 1–10.
The full manuscript of the "Understanding Innovation: Process, Project and Product-Centric Views" paper is available at: https://doi.org/10.32702/2307-2105-2018.12.209.
Dmytro Shestakov, 2018