The Degree of Innovation: Through Incremental to Radical

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The "The Degree of Innovation: Through Incremental to Radical" paper aims to clarify ambiguities between the taxonomy of innovation degrees by conducting a thorough literature review on innovation types. The research meticulously examines and debates various scholarly conclusions, addressing the challenges in categorizing innovations based on their degree. This confusion in the academic world has profound implications, affecting both the conceptual grasp of innovation and the methods used to assess its levels.
One of the key contributions of this study is the proposal of comprehensive and detailed definitions for incremental, semi-radical, radical, disruptive, and breakthrough innovation. Additionally, the paper introduces a “Degree of Innovation” matrix, a novel tool designed to distinctly highlight the unique attributes of each level of innovation.
This work not only enriches the theoretical discourse on the impact of innovative knowledge but also expands upon existing literature by analyzing how this knowledge influences the understanding of types and degrees of innovation. It delves into the interconnections, characteristics, and fundamental distinctions among various innovation levels.
The culmination of this research is a conceptually robust framework, grounded in scientific literature, that offers a contemporary understanding of terminology in the realm of innovation activities. This framework serves as a valuable reference for both academics and practitioners, aiding in the clear identification and assessment of innovations across different degrees.
Publisher: Investytsiyi: Praktyka ta Dosvid, Vol. 11, pp. 66–75.
The full manuscript of the "The Degree of Innovation: Through Incremental to Radical" paper is available at:
Dmytro Shestakov, Oleksiy Poliarush, 2019