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data-driven Innovation is my life

I am a co-founder at (London, UK), b2b craft wine SaaS platform for cross-border trade with an automated end-to-end cross-border delivery and automated tax and customs compliance.

Expert at NATO's deep tech accelerator DIANA, Member of the Expert Council for startup evaluation at the BRAVE1 defense tech accelerator and the Ukrainian Startup Fund, the largest angel investor in Eastern Europe.

Board Member and ex Interim Chief of Product and Partner, at (Berlin, Germany), the leading SaaS platform for finding, recognising, and rewarding peer reviewers for scholarly editors and researchers.

AI, Data-Science, Startups and Innovation

I’m an innovator, entrepreneur, and product strategist celebrating a 12-year journey using AI to create and grow products in startup, scaleup, and enterprise environments.

Starting back in 2005 with quantitative financial modelling and Data Science for High-Frequency Trading (HFT), I was further exposed to Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) in 2012.

In 2016, I expanded my AI expertise to cybersecurity, autonomous systems, facial and speech recognition subsets, creating cutting-edge solutions across the global defence industry. Later, I began leveraging ML and NLP technologies to make significant strides in the web3 and cybersecurity business landscapes.

With Generative LLM revolution of 2023, which will be undoubtedly reshaping our world at an unprecedented pace and depth, I continue implementing the cutting-edge AI solutions for securing business growth through product innovation, behavioural marketing, and business strategy tenets.

Advisory & Board Roles

Strategy Adviser at the Energy Efficiency Fund of Ukraine (2019-2020). Here I helped to shape the launch and go-to-market strategy of a pivotal government institution that champions thermal innovations for multi-family buildings. Powered by the state budget of Ukraine and financial contributions of the European Union and the German government, its initiatives are conducted in partnership with the International Finance Corporation (IFC), Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP).

Strategy Adviser at the UNIT.City Innovation Park (2016-2019), Kyiv, Ukraine. Here I advised on the launch and strategic development of the leading innovation park in Ukraine and the first largest innovation park in Eastern Europe designed to be a complete ecosystem that fosters the development of technology companies and startups, including on the creation of the Airbus R&D Hub creation with Airbus Helicopters.

Strategy Adviser at HackenProof (2017–2018). Here I helped to design and launch the first and biggest bug-bounty platform in Central and Eastern Europe which unites 25,000+ ethical hackers all over the world (Kyiv, Ukraine).

"supporting endeavours that generate new senses and values, and empower ecosystems."

Professional Background

Chief of Product and Growth, Partner at FOODZ (2020–2022), #1 operator and SaaS solution for dark kitchens and virtual restaurants in Ukraine with $7.6MM annual revenue and $55MM Series-A valuation achieved just in two years from scratch. It also achieved the best operating efficiency in the industry in Europe and the EMEA region in strategic partnership with the Spanish GLOVO decacorn.

Co-founder, Chief of Product/CEO at CER.Live (2017–2018), the leading cybersecurity ranking and certification platform for Crypto Exchanges trusted by 20M users. Its security assessments are performed according to a unique methodology based on the best practices of cybersecurity protection and conducted by a team of highly skilled researchers and white hackers (Tallinn, Estonia).

Director of Innovation at the Ukrainian Defense Concern (2016–2018), the leading global defense manufacturer where I created and managed the Innovation Department and Corporate VC fund under the supervision of Dr Anthony J. Tether, Director of the U.S. DARPA, building Ukrainian DARPA-like organisation based on the SFTE “SpetsTechoExport” subsidiary. I led the transformation of the innovation culture and implemented best innovation management practices and methodologies, managed the development and implementation of innovative products in augmented reality, facial recognition, unmanned aerial vehicles, electro-magnetic weaponry, and cybersecurity, and ran UAV and cybersecurity programs which laid the foundations for respective industries creation in Ukraine.

Head of Product at the Ukrainian Interbank Currency Exchange (2013–2015), the leading Ukrainian commodity exchange where I led product development of a high-frequency trading platform based on the NYSE Euronext tech solution with $200MM of annual P&L. I also developed ML-backed algorithmic trading solutions in partnership with the Dutch company Modex.Analytics.

Product Lead, Director of Product at Goldman Milestone (2008–2012), a venture builder company where I managed the creation and launch of the Edutech SaaS based on Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning technologies later acquired by the world-leading e-learning app (Kyiv, Ukraine).

My career started in 2005 in the capacity of Investment Fund Analyst at Amadeus Asset Management and Investment Fund Manager at Sokrat Investment Group, the leading Ukrainian investment company.

Voluntary & Public Activity

● Co-founder at the ‘Olaf Pine Foundation’ NGO aimed at PTSD and mental health treatment (2021 – present). In partnership with UNDP, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, it’s fostering human safety, improving quality of life, and addressing challenges related to diagnostics and therapy of PTSD through the development, implementation and promotion of new methods and technologies for psychological and physical rehabilitation and mental health improvement. ● Innovation Adviser for the Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine (2016-2022)● Innovation Expert at UNDP (2021-2022)● Innovation Expert at UN Global Network Ukraine (2019-2020)● Co-founder and Board Member at the Kyiv-Mohyla Business School Alumni Association (2017-2022)● Co-founder and VP for Strategy and Analysis at the ‘CLUST-UA Ukrainian Cluster Development Agency’ NGO (2015-2022)● Adviser to the Parliament Member of Ukraine (2014-2016)● Co-founder of the “Suspilnykh Initsiatyv” NGO (2009-2016)