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The original "Financial Instruments for Managing Innovative Investment Projects" research delves into the role of financial instruments in evaluation and management of innovative investment projects or startups in this case. Central to the study is the enhancement of startup valuation techniques.

The paper introduces an approach for making investment decisions in startups, taking into account the complexities and risks associated with measuring and managing innovative startups This includes refined startup valuation techniques and methods, aimed at minimizing the variability in expected returns and effectively modeling investment flows.

Further, the research highlights the significance of strategic flexibility in the realm of innovative startups, examining its impact on investment decisions and the methodologies to ascertain their fair value. This involves integrating the Hypothesis Testing Method and multiplier method, tailoring them specifically to the needs of innovation projects.

Additionally, the paper presents a comprehensive review and systematization of experiences in using financial instruments for managing innovation-centric investment projects in both advanced and transitional economies. This includes a focus on stimulating innovation activities and financially evaluating such projects with an innovative lens that accounts for the unique uncertainties and risks inherent in the innovation process.

The study offers deep insights into the institutional principles of financial instruments for managing startups, considering the dynamic socio-economic development influenced by global trends. The emphasis throughout is on the pivotal role of innovation in shaping these financial strategies and tools.

Publisher: Family Yuhymenko Doctoral School, National University "Kyiv-Mohyla Academy", Kyiv, Ukraine

The full manuscript of the "Financial Instruments for Managing Innovative Investment Projects" thesis (Supervised by Lukyanenko I. G.) is available at:

Dmytro Shestakov, December 2019